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7487 TASANOC Vacancy 30 August - 15 September 2023



• Finance Officer

Position Title Finance Officer
Location Vahaákolo Rd, Haveluloto, Tongatapu
Employer TASANOC
Tenure Full time – 1 year contract. Renewable

Purpose of the Position
The Finance Officer will be responsible for all day-to-day financial matters of the NOC.

Assist NOC in aligning its administration and finance activities and initiatives to IOC and ONOC requirements.

Conduct relevant training to the NOC on administration and finance-related matters.


Internal to organization

  • All Staff
  • NOC Executive
  • Secretary General
  • Chief Executive Officer

External to organization

  • International and Regional Sports Federations
  • IOC, ANOC, ONOC and other international sports organisations
  • Vendors/Suppliers
  • Statutory Authorities
  • Public
  • Relevant Stakeholders

Key responsibilities

  • The recording of transactions into MYOB.
  • Filing and archiving of financial documents.
  • Payroll reports.
  • Bank reconciliations.
  • Prepare quarterly financial reports for Executive Board meetings.
  • Check bank account balances electronically on a regular basis as part of monitoring of cash flows.
  • Prepare bank transfers and telegraphic transfers upon approval by department managers or the Secretary General/CEO.
  • Issue local purchase orders upon request from department managers or the Secretary General.
  • Manage inventory.
  • Prepare monthly reconciliations for all balance sheet account balances for annual audit purposes.
  • Liaise with external auditors.
  • Preparation and submission of regulatory reports to [Tax Authority], [Superannuation organisation], etc.
  • Preparation and submission of regulatory financial reports to external partners
  • Prepare and reconcile Olympic Solidarity auditing template and its preparation for external audit.
  • Prepare annual budgets for review by the Secretary General, Treasurer and Executive Board.
  • Manage NOC’s properties and facilities by:
  1. Planning and implementing annual capital expenditure and replacement plans
  2. Coordinating property, plant and equipment repairs and maintenance


Corporate Contribution
  • Identify improvements to processes, systems, etc. to ensure efficient and accurate reporting of financial results
  • Ensure adequate controls are in place in regards to systems and administration processes and in compliance to the Basic Principles of Good Governance
  • Assist with NOC Events when requested.
  • Present a positive image of NOC through professional dealings with service providers and regulatory bodies.
  • Practice and promote the Olympic Values of friendship, excellence and respect.

Change to position description

From time to time it may be necessary to consider changes in the position description in response to the changing nature of our work environment. These changes maybe initiated by the Secretary General, in consultation with the President and Executive Board with due consultation and agreement between the relevant parties. The position description may be reviewed as part of the preparation for performance planning for the annual performance review.

Knowledge, Abilities and Skill
Ability to communicate effectively in English.

Ability to work as a team.

Accounting and bookkeeping skills - Knowledge of Accounting (Degree in accounting and economics).

Ability to meet deadlines.

Ability to work under pressure and with minimal supervision.

Ability to maintain strict confidentiality in performing duties- being honest and trustworthy.

Ability to learn and apply organisational and procedural guidelines of the office.

Ability to be punctual.

Decision making skills.

Proficiency with accounting software, Xero, MYOB, Quickbook and Microsoft programs – Excel and Word
and ability to learn new software.

Time management skills.

Ability to train and up skill peers/supervisors on key finance principles/ finance literacy skills and how it
applies to the NOC.

Ability to continuously improve processes/systems to ensure maximum efficiency is achieved.

Ability to rollout best practice principles and its implementation.

To be solutions-based in all daily activities.

Interested candidates should apply in writing (cover letter) addressed to;

Mrs. Netina Latu Vea
Secretary General – CEO
Tonga Sports Association and National Olympic Committee (TASANOC)
Vahaakolo Rd

Include CV and copy/copies of qualification(s) with references. Soft copy of application is acceptable via email to tasanocceo [at] gmail [dot] com Application closes on 15th of September.


Matangi Tonga Online ref. #7487 TASANOC, 30 August - 15 September 2023