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7054 TASP Tonga Australia Support Platform grants 16 December 2022 -22 January 2023

Tonga Australia Partnership Grants

Australia's Bilateral grant program for Civil Society Organisations in Tonga

Does your Organisation focus on one of the following thematic areas?

  • Climate Change

  • Disability

  • Gender

If you do, then apply to ONE of these two grants streams within the Tonga Australian Partnership Grant:

  1. Project Stream – Funding will focus only on project activities and does not cater for overhead/office and personal cost.
  2. Core Grant – funding caters for the overhead/office, personal and activity cost.

Click on the link provided for more information and EOI application form. Submit your application now, before it closes on the 24th February 2023 (extended deadline).

The Tonga Australia Partnership Grants are supported by the Australian Government, and implemented by DT Global through the Tonga Australia Support Platform (TASP).


Matangi Tonga Online ref. #7054 Tonga Australia Support Platform - DT Global 16 December 2022 - 29 January 2023