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6340 Tonga Red Cross EOI 11 - 25 October 2021


Development of a Business Plan & Identification of Business Skills

The Tonga Red Cross Society (TRCS) is a dynamic humanitarian organization in Tonga dedicated to saving and improving the lives of the most vulnerable through mobilizing the power of humanity and the spirit of volunteerism. The Society is officially recognized by the government of Tonga as a voluntary relief organisation, an auxiliary to public authorities and as the only Red Cross Society in Tonga. It is the most widely recognized and respected humanitarian organization in the country. Its primary objective is to provide humanitarian aid, prevent and alleviate human suffering.

The TRCS offers certified First Aid training course to the general public out of which the Commercial First Aid (CFA) programme was developed to provide a platform to gain the necessary lifesaving skills and reduce risks in a day-to-day life for individuals and organizations. The primary aim of the program is to create awareness in applying First Aid in emergency situations and to respond promptly and appropriately to a range of situations and incidents in order to preserve a life and protect casualties until specialist aid is available.

The Tonga Red Cross Society wishes to develop a Commercial First Aid (CFA) Marketing Plan for the Society with the objectives as listed below:

  • To develop a 3-year marketing plan for TRCS to make its CFA program self-sustaining.
  • To get a clear picture of the needs and demands of the markets and to get an in-depth detailed business development plan for the CFA for the next 3 years.
  • To identify the key business skills that are needed by TRCS to ensure financial sustainability.

We invite interested companies or individuals to submit their expression of interest for the “Development of a Business Plan & Identification of Business Skills”. Suitably experienced consultants who have good experience and history are encouraged to apply.

The Terms of Reference details the Scope of Work together with the Deliverables and duration of assignment can be obtained through email to sg [at] tongaredcross [dot] to.

The deadline for EOI submission is 25th October 2021. All submissions need to be emailed to: sg [at] tongaredcross [dot] to.

(Please note; No late or incomplete submission will be accepted).