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5775 TOML Deep Green Scholarships 6-15 Jan 2021


TOML is excited to announce its secondary level science scholarship program for three students starting in 2021.

Tonga Offshore Mining Limited (TOML), is a Tongan subsidiary of DeepGreen Metals Inc., and is sponsored by the Kingdom of Tonga. TOML is on a mission to source the base metals required for the clean energy transition. These metals come from polymetallic rocks, which sit on the seafloor thousands of kilometers from Tonga in international waters. The production of these metals also has lower environmental and social costs compared to traditional land-based ores. You can read more about this comparison by checking out the white paper here:

TOML values the environment and is proud to contribute to society’s knowledge of the deep ocean. TOML would like to support and encourage Tongan students to study science.

Scholarship Benefits

TOML will cover the full tuition costs for Form 5, Form 6 and Form 7 of three successful applicants who have chosen to pursue science studies.

Scholarship  Requirements

  1. Must be a science student entering Form 5 (either Chemistry/Physics/Biology/Geography);
  2. Must have exceptional grades;
  3. Provide a letter of support from your current school;
  4. Explain in one page why you want to study science and how this scholarship will assist you; and
  5. Demonstrate financial need.

How  to apply

Application forms are available from:

TOML's Office at 2nd Floor, Kupu House (OE Building)

OR from

TOML Country Manager
Christina Pome'e Fatu
Mobile: 77-97797
Email:  christina [at] deep [dot] green

Application Deadline

Application deadline is 4pm, Friday 15 January 2021. Late applications will not be considered.

Applications must be submitted electronically to the TOML Country Manager at: christina [at] deep [dot] green. Successful applicants will be contacted by the 25th January 2021.