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5589 PSC CEO MAFFF 29 July - 31 Aug 2020


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Position

The Government of Tonga’s strategic vision for the future delivery of public services is aimed at streamlining its organizational platform to better deliver more efficient and effective public services for the people of Tonga. To help achieve this aim, the Government of Tonga seeks to appoint the Chief Executive Officer for Agriculture, Foods and Forests under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Forests.

Applications are welcomed from individuals who possess outstanding strategic thinking capacity, demonstrated leadership capability and superior management skills. Government CEOs are integral in supporting a productive and sustainable Public Service as Tonga continues its path towards constitutional reform. The CEO role is particularly suited to individuals who are commercially focused, skilled in supporting innovation and providing direction to substantial change management initiatives at the policy, systems and process levels.

The role will work closely with their responsible Minister and central agencies, not only as Chief Executive Officer, but also in defining and developing major organizational reforms aimed at optimizing the return on Government’s investment in services and programs. High orders of communication, negotiation and influencing skills are essential, as is a demonstrated track record of effective resource management.

Essential skills required of the advertised CEO role will be to:

  • Provide the Minister with high quality policy and program development advice
  • Drive strategic planning and resource management accountabilities
  • Provide executive direction to professional, technical and operational teams
  • Identify improvements in service delivery and efficiencies in cost to government
  • Lead implementation of organizational & system changes to improve productivity
  • Model cross-Ministry and whole of government collaboration to ensure high standards of communication and customer service

Term of appointment: Contract term of up to four (4) years.

Remuneration: Based on the Government of Tonga, CEO Remuneration package.

CEO for Agriculture, Foods and Forests

Job Reference: CEO MAFF

The Government recognizes that Agricultural sector is one of the key economic sectors, apart from Fisheries and Tourism that can make major contributions towards achieving the National Outcome Objectives of the Tonga Strategic Development Framework (TSDF II). The Ministry of Agriculture, Foods and Forests in light of its mandates will focus on pursuing the following priority outcomes:

  1. maintaining food security with the purpose to evade hunger problems throughout the nation;
  2. maintaining and driving efficient and effective national economic performances, based on the current limited agricultural resources available where majority of the populations are heavily depended and involved;
  3. maintaining healthy population by providing and consuming the right and appropriate food sources available locally; and
  4. sustainable management of agricultural resources (soil, water and animal and plant genetic resources) and the natural environments while implementing these activities.


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible to the Minister of Agriculture and Food, Forests for implementing government policies and decisions, and for managing the administrative, operational and broader functions and activities of the Ministry of Agriculture, Foods and Forests. The role will also be responsible to the Public Service Commission for developing and leading programs to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery outcomes and to comply with the Accountability and Functions of CEOs as outlined in Section 13A and 13B of the Public Service Act 2010 (as amended).

Specifically, the purpose of the role is to:

  • Provide policy advice to the Tonga Government on how to help our agriculture sector remain competitive, productive and sustainable into the future
  • Provide policy advice to the Government on how best to achieve social, economic and environmental benefits from the use of our limited land and water resources
  • Administers government programs and legislation that support these objectives, including the collection of levies for Quarantine and Quality Management Division services, Livestock Division veterinary clinic services and Food Division services
  • Regulate the import of food and other goods to ensure that Tonga is safeguarded against exotic animal and plant pests and disease
  • Regulate the export of agriculture and forests products to meet importing country requirements
  • Provide policy advice to the Hon. Minister

Experience and Qualification

Tertiary educational qualification relevant to the position and proven operational management experience of at least 7 years in a senior management position in a comparable organization, with proven management experience in the relevant field.

How to Apply:-

Applicants who possess most of the qualities described under the essential skills, accountabilities, experience and qualification for the CEO position should request an Application Information Kit. An Application Information Kit can be obtained by contacting the Office of the Public Service Commission on +676 7400300, or email ceomatters [at] psc [dot] gov [dot] to.

Applications should be forwarded to the following address by 4:30pm on 31 August, 2020.

Public Service Commission
Pacific Timber Hardware’s Building
Taufa’ahau Rd, Nuku’alofa

Candidates should refer to the Application Information Kit in preparing an application, ensuring that all requirements are satisfied. Incomplete documentation may prevent proper consideration of the application. Given the brevity of time, signed emailed applications will be acceptable. Email applications should be forwarded to ceomatters [at] psc [dot] gov [dot] to by the closing date.