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4993 Vavau Env. Protection Project Manager 30 July - 19 Aug 2019


Senior Project Manager for Marine Spatial Planning


The IUCN Oceania Regional Office (ORO) and the Vava’u Ocean Initiative (Waitt Institute, VEPA, and GoT) aim to support the Government of Tonga in their work to ensure sustainable management of marine and coastal ecosystems.  In particular, they are supporting national efforts to implement an ocean-wide (whole EEZ) Marine Spatial Plan (MSP) that includes an ecologically representative network of marine protected areas.  

The Government is looking to engage a Senior Project Manager for Marine Spatial Planning to assist with progressing the current framework and outputs of the Oceans7 technical working group.  The position will be funded jointly by Oceans 5 (via IUCN-ORO) and the Waitt Institute (via Vava’u Ocean Initiative).  

The position will formally report to the GoT’s Director of Environment for day-to-day management and will also have project reporting lines to the Vava’u Ocean Initiative (represented by VEPA) and IUCN-ORO (on the national MSP process).  This position will be located in Nuku’alofa, housed within the Department of Environment, to be reviewed and possibly renewed on an annual basis.  Compensation will be commensurate with experience.


The Senior Project Manager for Marine Spatial Planning will liaise with government institutions, academic institutions, non-governmental agencies, private sector groups and communities involved with marine and coastal resource management as well as project partners IUCN-ORO, Oceans5, VEPA and Waitt Institute.  The Project Manager will:

  1. Raise awareness of the objectives and intended outputs of the work on the MSP
  2. Identify, where necessary, and liaise with government ministries and local partners
  3. Coordinate and organize in-country activities and meetings related to integrated ocean governance and IUCN-ORO, including those of associated consultants
  4. Understand the organization of government ministries involved with aspects of integrated ocean governance including relevant contact information
  5. Manage the national consultation process alongside Government representatives in all island groups
  6. Prepare meeting papers, meeting minutes, research papers, and reports as specified, particularly for the Ocean 7 and other technical working groups, such as those established in Vava’u for the Vava’u Ocean Initiative
  7. Collate information to help MSP processes
  8. Identify, communicate and address project obstacles that may affect implementation
  9. Coordinate and organize meetings and workshops for the Ocean 7 Technical Working Group, the Vava’u Ocean Initiative team, and IUCN-ORO team
  10. Identify and access relevant data (e.g., spatial, fisheries, etc.)
  11. Liaise, as required, with government ministries, local partners and stakeholders
  12. Provide monthly  reports to project partners on status of project and various efforts

Selection Criteria

  1. The candidate must be a Tongan national
  2. At least 3 years of relevant work experience as or with ocean stakeholders, including government in Tonga thereby having good networks with relevant ocean stakeholders including government agencies
  3. Experience in ecology, biodiversity, natural resource management, political science, and/or communications desirable
  4. Demonstrated strong project coordination skills
  5. Strong English and Tongan language communication and presentation skills; both written and verbal
  6. High proficiency in the use of computers, especially with Microsoft Office package
  7. Demonstrated ability to engage comfortably at all levels of government and civil society in the Tonga, including the Government of Tonga (regional and national)
  8. Good interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team
  9. Displays initiative and good judgement


Please submit a Curriculum Vitae with full contact details of three referees together with a cover letter individually addressing the nine criteria above to show why you would be suitable for this position.  Applications may be sent either electronically to VEPA info [at] vavauenvironment [dot] org  or by mail to Box 160, Neiafu, Vava’u, Tonga.

Closing date for applications is 19th August 2019.