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4503 World Bank Consultant 1 - 13 August 2018


Health PFM Consultant


Position Title: Health PFM Consultant (less-experienced professional)
Duration: August 2018 to August 2019 – 150 days short-term consultancy per year
Location: Tonga – based in the capital, but will need to visit other locations
Reports to: World Bank Health Team Leader


The World Bank Pacific Health Team provides technical and analytical assistance to help the Governments of Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Kiribati and Tonga to improve health service outcomes through more efficient, equitable and quality health expenditure.  Through this technical and analytical assistance, the team also provides a mechanism for sharing lessons and experience across countries to build a broader pool of knowledge and action on health financing and strengthening of systems for health. 

The World Bank Pacific Health Team is now seeking the services of a local early-mid career Tonga based consultant to provide on-going support to the Ministry of Health as part of the World Bank team:


  1. Provide support, as and where required, as a member of the World Bank health team in Tonga.
    1. Support the World Bank’s agreed program of work and activities within the country.
    2. Undertake analytical work as directed.
    3. Provide logistical support as required to team missions to Tonga.
  1. Provide support to the Health Facility Costing exercise in support of the roll-out of a prioritized Package of Essential Health Services.
    1. Develop positive working relationships with key units of the Ministries of Health and Finance and National Planning.  In the Ministry of Health this includes the units responsible for the following areas: finance, planning, human resources, health information and medical supplies; and the technical divisions with responsibility for frontline facilities – public health and curative services. 
    2. Proactively engage in all phases of the information and data gathering exercise through to completion.  Demonstrate innovation and persistence in identifying information sources and securing the data necessary to complete the exercise.
    3. Provide logistics support and participate in facility surveys.
    4. Assist with multi-year analysis of expenditure on health facilities.
    5. Assist with any reconciliation activities that become necessary.
    6. As agreed, assist with the on-going presentation of findings to the Government (particularly finance and health ministries) and other stakeholder groups.
    7. Help identify opportunities where the Health Facility Costing work can be used to influence good practice and policy development, and better planning and budgeting.
    8. Support the finalisation of the Health Facility Costing exercise and the presentation of key findings.

Qualifications and Skills Required:

To provide the assistance sought effectively, it is expected that the consultant will possess demonstrated skills in the following areas:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, accounting, health service management or related discipline.
  • Ability to build and manage effective relationships.
  • Analytical skills in finance data.
  • An understanding of cost accounting principles, ability to interpret financial reports, and use health information data.
  • Ability to use Excel to analyse, prepare and present financial and other information.
  • Communication skills.
  • Understanding of Government of Tonga financial management principles and processes.
  • Fluency in Tongan and English is required.


The consultant will report to Ms Maude Ruest, Health Economist, World Bank (based in the Sydney office), and will be supported by regular visits to Tonga by the WB Pacific Health Team members. 

Candidates should send their application (resume and cover letter) to Maude Ruest (mruest [at] worldbank [dot] orgby Monday 13 August 2018.