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4090 Infrastructure Rego and Licencing Adviser 5 - 18 July 2017

Ministry Of Infrastructure


(Consulting Services - Individual Consultant)


Transport Sector Consolidation Project (TCSP)

Contract Reference Number: MOI/AF-LTD/C03

1.   The Ministry of Infrastructure (MOI) is currently implementing the Tonga Transport Sector Consolidation Project (TSCP), supported by the World Bank, to consolidate the various transport related functions and responsibilities of the sector.  The project focuses on the three key sectors of the MOI: aviation, maritime, and land transport, as well as on establishing the overarching organizational and legislative framework for the ministry as a whole.

2.   The MOI now invites Expressions of Interest (EOI) and CVs from qualified and eligible Individual Consultants, including information on your experience and competence relevant to the following services to be provided: reviewing the operations of the road traffic related component of the LTD, especially the responsibilities under clause D of the TOR and then make recommendations for improvements, including the drafting of amendments to the regulations under the relevant acts.

Interested consultants are encouraged to review the details by requesting an electronic copy of the TOR from the address below.

3.    Expertise Required

The consultant must have a minimum qualification and experience:

  • Tertiary qualification in transport engineering, transport economics, or other relevant discipline from a recognised institution.;
  • Experience in management of vehicle registration and licensing.
  • Proven record of similar assignments involving review, reporting and recommendations for improvement of Traffic Management Systems (as described in the current TOR) or similar during the last 10 years;
  • Demonstrated performance audit and financial analysis skills;
  • Demonstrated experience in developing high-level policy documents and good reporting skills;


  • Experience in Tonga, Pacific Islands, or similar countries during the last 10 years (similarity based on system of Law, volume of relevant activity, organizational structures, etc.)

4.    The Consultant will be selected based on the procedures for Selection of Individual Consultants specified in the World Bank Guidelines Selection and Employment of Consultant Under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants by World Bank Borrower, January 2011 and revised January 2014, which can be accessed at

5.    Expressions of Interest must be received by email at the address below by 4:00pm on July 18, 2017 and should be clearly marked MOI/AF-LTD/C03” “EOI for Vehicle Registration and Licensing Adviser”.

6.    Only consultants available to commence by 2nd half of July 2017 will be considered.

7.    Address for inquires and submission of Expression of Interest:

Attention: Sila Va’Enuku
TSCP/TCIRCRP Procurement Officer
Email: svaEnuku [at] tscp [dot] to
Address: Ministry of Infrastructure,  Nuku’alofa, Tonga