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7835 Tevita Aho R&S Law 18 March - 17 April 2024

Tevita Aho R&S Law


Notice of intention for company to be removed from Registrar

Name of Company: Ezinet Limited

Registered Office: c/o PTH Building, Taufa'ahau Road, Kolofo'ou, Tongatapu, Tonga

1. The public is hereby notified that the shareholders have resolved to remove the company from the Tongan register pursuant to section 327(1)(d) of the Companies Act on the ground that that the company has ceased to carry on business, has discharged in full its liabilities to all its known creditors and has distributed its surplus assets in accordance with its constitution and this Act.

2. Any objection to its removal from the Registrar must be made pursuant to section 330 of the Companies Act and must be to delivered to the Registrar no later than 17 April 2024.

Matangi Tonga Online ref. #7835 Tevita Aho R&S Law, 18 March - 17 April 2024