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4013 Infrastructure Bldg Code Consultant 20 Apr - 3 May 2017

Ministry Of infrastructure


Review, Strengthening & Updating of the Tonga Building Code

Tonga Cyclone Ian Reconstruction and Climate Resilience Project (CIRCRP)

Re-Advertisement Contract Reference Number: MOI/TCIRCRP/CON25

The Ministry of Infrastructure (MOI) of Tonga is currently implementing the Tonga Cyclone Ian Reconstruction and Climate Resilience Project (TCIRCRP), supported by the World Bank, to restore housing, community facilities and basic services to the affected population of Ha’apai and strengthen the country’s resilience to natural disasters.

The Ministry of Infrastructure (MOI) of Tonga in its role of the Implementing Agency for the TCIRCRP, now invites Expressions of Interest (EOI) from qualified and eligible Consultants (firms or institutions specialized in structural design), including information on experience and qualifications relevant to the following services to be provided: Review, Strengthening & Updating of the Tonga Building Code.

The objectives of the assignment are:

To provide a supplement to the TBC that provides rules and guidance for ensuring that domestic dwellings comply with the structural requirements. It is expected that the supplement will provide rules and guidance on all aspects of construction of single-story private dwellings, in particular:

  • the minimum and maximum dimensions of structural elements and members,
  • the minimum strengths and classification according to national or international standards of all structural materials used in the construction,
  • the required tension and compression connections between all members and elements.

Interested consultants are encouraged to review the details by requesting an electronic copy of the TOR from the address below.

Expertise Required

The Consulting firm or institution must have a minimum qualification and experience:

  1. At least 10 year of activity in the business of structural design and resilience assessment of single-story buildings.
  2. At least two similar assignments in the last five years involving review or updating of building codes and standards.
  3. At least two relevant assignments (building codes and standards) in the last five years related to increasing resilience against natural disasters, including cyclones and earthquakes.
  4. For the above, experience of assignments for Pacific Islands or countries with conditions similar to the ones of Tonga.

A Consultant will be selected following the CQS (Selection Based on the Consultant’s Qualifications) specified in the applicable World Bank “Guidelines Selection and Employment of Consultants Under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants by World Bank Borrowers” dated January 2011 found at

Expressions of Interest must be received by email at the address below by 4:00pm on May 3, 2017 and should be clearly marked Review, Strengthening & Updating of the Tonga Building Code.Contract MOI/TCIRCRP/CON25

Address for inquires and submission of Expression of Interest:

Attention: Sila VaEnuku
TCIRCRP and TSCP Procurement Officer
Email: svaEnuku [at] tscp [dot] to
Address: Ministry of Infrastructure, Nuku’alofa, Tonga