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3896 Infrastructure Consultant Ports 10 Jan - 6 Feb 2017

Ministry of Infrastructure


Consulting Services - Selection of an Individual Consultant

Assessment of Investment Options for Vava’u International Port

Tonga Transport Sector Consolidation Project Additional Financing (TSCP AF)

Contract Ref. MOI/AF-MPD/IC-B04

The Government of Tonga has received Additional Financing (AF) toward the Tonga Transport Sector Consolidation Project (TSCP), from the International Development Association (IDA), and it intends to apply part of the proceeds of this fund to payments under the Contract for Consulting Services for Assessment of Investment Options for Vava’u International Port.

The Ministry of Infrastructure (MOI) is currently implementing the TSCP, funded by the World Bank, to consolidate the various transport related functions and responsibilities of the sector. The project focuses on the three key sectors of the MOI: aviation, maritime, and land transport, as well as on establishing the overarching organizational and legislative framework for the ministry as a whole. The closing date for the project is 30th June 2018.

The MOI, the Implementing Agency for the TSCP, now invites Expressions of Interest (EOI) from qualified Individual Consultants, including information on your experience and competence relevant to the following services to be provided;

Scope of work: The Consultant will conduct detailed analyses of options to extend and/or relocate existing facilities in anticipation of future growth in traffic and cargo volumes as follows.

These options are in line with the proposed objectives in the Vava’u Port Development Plan;

  • Option 1: Retention of all facilities at the current location, with expanded cargo area, extension of the docking facilities and dredging of the channel to provide cruise ship access to the dock;
  • Option 2: Relocation of the cruise ship terminal to a location approximately 2.5km from the existing location on the South-eastern base of Mt Talau, with accompanying road upgrade;
  • Option 3: Relocation of the container terminal to a location on the shoreline of Tu’anuku approximately 12km by road from the existing location, with accompanying road upgrades;
  • Option 4: Relocation of both cruise ship and container terminals to the base of Mt Talau or to the shore line of Tu’anuku with the ferry to be retained at the existing site. Co-locate the cruise ship and cargo terminals at one of the two proposed Greenfield sites; and
  • Option 5: Improvements to existing cargo wharf and build new terminal for cruise ships (with option to expand).

A detailed description of the requirements of the position is included in the Terms of Reference (TOR) and can be requested by email to Sila Va’Enuku at svaEnuku [at] tscp [dot] to.

Interested Consultants should therefore provide the following

  1. a statement addressing the selection criteria (Qualification and Experience) detailed in the TOR;
  2. a copy of the curriculum vitae; and
  3. a list of 3 references with relevant contact details for consideration in this selection process.

Only the most qualified and suitable candidate will be invited to negotiate a Contract.

The Consultant will be selected based on “Selection of an Individual Consultant” in accordance with the “Guidelines; Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers” dated January 2011 and revised July 2014, which can be accessed at

Expressions of Interest, including documents requested on the above requirements may be delivered electronically in files less than 3Meg, or delivered to the address below on or before Monday 6th February 2017 and should be clearly marked: MOI/AF-MPD/IC-B04Expression of Interest for Consulting Services for Assessment of Investment Options for Vava’u International Port.”

Address for submission of Expression of Interest:

Attention: Sila Va’Enuku
Email: svaEnuku [at] tscp [dot] to
Address: Ministry of Infrastructure, Bypass Road, Vaololoa, Nuku’alofa Tonga