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6336 MEIDECC Vacancies 14 - 28 October 2021

Government of Tonga


Project Management Unit for the Green Climate Fund-Strengthening Adaptation Planning in Tonga Project


1. National Project Coordinator

2. Food Security-Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer

Advertisement & Job Description

Applications are hereby invited to apply for the posts of National Project Coordinator and Food Security-Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer for the Green Climate Fund -Strengthening Adaptation Planning in Tonga Project (GCF-SAPT) under the Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change and Communications (MEIDECC).

For government employees, endorsement of respective Head of Departments is required.

All applications must be addressed to the CEO of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change and Communications, P.O. Box 1380, Taufa’ahau Road, Nukualofa, Tonga and labeled “Project Management Unit for the  GCF -SAPT” and to reach his office no later than 4.30pm, Thursday, 28th October, 2021.

Applicants are required to forward their applications with their “Curriculum Vitae” together with relevant documents such as certificates, transcripts, and testimonials.

For queries contact:  Ms Lu’isa Tu’i’afitu-Malolo on ph: 28-349/20100 or e-mail to ltuiafitumalolo [at] gmail [dot] com.


Strengthening Adaptation Planning Project is funded under the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme. This Fund was established as a financial mechanism of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to support climate actions in developing countries.

These countries are extremely vulnerable to climate change and its adverse impacts because of their geographic and socio-economic status. They need considerable financing resources to facilitate adequate adaptation to climate change impacts.

Accessing and management of the GCF are still major capacity gaps for developing countries. The readiness and preparatory support programme of the GCF was therefore established to maximize the effectiveness of this fund and also to build the capacities of national governments and/or institutions in vulnerable countries to increase accessibility and effective management of these funds.

Readiness funds also assist developing countries to undertake adaptation planning and strategic frameworks to build their programming with GCF.

The overall goal of the project is to strengthen the capacity for effective adaptation planning in Tonga. This project will support the Government of Tonga (GoT) to advance its National Adaptation Planning process through its Joint National Action Plan 2 on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management (JNAP 2) framework by building on existing capacities and enhancing institutions already in place at national, sectoral, community levels as well as the outer Islands.

The project consists of the following four inter-related outcomes:

  • Institutional framework and coordination for the implementation of the NAP process strengthened in Tonga 

  • Climate vulnerability and adaptation investment rationale strengthened in Tonga. 

  • Coordinated approaches to research, monitoring and management of data and information developed for adaptation planning in Tonga 

  • Adaptation financing expenditure and mobilization diversified in Tonga.

The National Project Coordinator and Food Security – Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer will join for 8 months with the other staff who are currently implementing this project.


i. Scope of Work

The National Project Coordinator (NPC) will manage the project on a day-to-day basis and is accountable to the executing agency for the planning, management, quality control, timeliness and effectiveness of the activities carried out, as well as the management of funds. This officer will also ensure the regular monitoring, evaluation and reporting of activities implemented under the program.

The NPC will be located at the Department of Climate Change (DCC), Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change and Communications (MEIDECC). He/she will report directly to the Director of Climate Change via the Head of the Vulnerability and Adaptation Division at Department of Climate Change. He/she will also work closely with the GCF focal point and the JNAP Technical Team.

ii. Duties and Responsibilities

  • The annual work plan and budget will be prepared by the PC to be reviewed by the Head of Vulnerability and Adaptation Division and approved by the Director of Climate Change. 

  • Oversee the overall implementation of activities under the project 

  • Ensure effective communication and adequate information flow with the relevant authorities, institutions and government ministries and 
departments, NGOs and private sectors in close collaboration with the Director of Climate Change, GCF focal point and the JNAP Technical 

  • Maintain and establish additional links with other related national, regional and international climate change programs; 

  • Conduct training and workshops to strengthen capacities and increase knowledge of Climate Change Committees, Technical Advisory Team, 
relevant line Ministries, NGOs and Private Sectors to be aware of the progress and issues of the project, and presenting of reports and 

  • Develop scope of work and respective terms of reference for consultants; 

  • Guide the work of the consultants to ensure compliance with the agreed work plan and its timely implementation 

  • Prepare quarterly narrative and financial reports and submit to Director of Climate Change and GCF Secretariat via Head of Vulnerability 
and Adaptation Division; 

  • Prepare technical, policy and briefing papers as requested; 

  • Quality assuring the awareness materials, documents and project information to be published in both English and Tongan and disseminated 
to relevant stakeholders; 

  • Lead the dialogue to discuss and update current and future projects for funding by GCF and other donors; 

  • Coordinate the procurement of services and goods under the program; 

  • Assume overall responsibility for the proper handling of logistics related to all project workshops and events; 

  • Manage the Project finance and oversee the overall resource allocation and where relevant submit proposals for budget revisions for the 
approval of GCF Secretariat; 

  • Undertake any other responsibilities related to the Program as requested by MEIDECC and GCF Secretariat. 

  • Serve as secretary to the National Climate Change Coordination committee. 

  • The PC will ensure that the standard MoF and GCF M&E requirements are fulfilled to the highest quality. 

  • The PC is also responsible for managing and monitoring the project risks initially identified and submit new risks to the Director for Climate 
Change for consideration and decision on possible actions if required and update the status of these risks by maintaining the project risks log.

  • Prepare the national project terminal report.

iii. Qualification and Skills

  • University degree- Master degree with minimum of 3 years or Bachelor degree with minimum of 5years of technical and management experience at senior level and particularly in fields of climate change or related fields
  • She/He must have good experience working with donors and development partners on climate change and related issues
  • She/He must have good experience with developing project concepts and proposals.
  • Work Experience in a similar role would be an advantage
  • Experience in the Pacific region or small island states would be a necessity
  • Good knowledge and experience with the climate change convention (UNFCCC), the Paris Agreement, Climate Change Technical Reports, Tonga Joint National Action Plan on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management, Climate Change Policy, Tonga- Nationally Determined Contributions and GCF Country Programme.
  • Demonstrated ability in managing projects, and in liaising and cooperating with all project stakeholders including government officials, scientific institutions, NGOs and private sectors;
  • Familiarity with international organizations operations and structure;
  • Good experience with Government and in interdepartmental procedures
  • Familiarity with international negotiations and processes under the UNFCCC
  • Fluent written and oral communication in Tongan and English
  • Strong communications and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent computer knowledge (MS Office, Internet)
  • Tonga citizenship

Salary: Salary Range is T$30,240-T$45,360, in accordance with Tonga Government Civil Service Salary scale / Band I.
Duration: 10 months


i. Scope of work

  • The Food Security-Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer will be responsible for assisting the International Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist with the implementation of Activity 3.4.1-3.4.3. The FS-MELO will report directly to the NPC. He will be located at the Department of Climate Change/MEIDECC. 

ii. Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assist the International Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist (MES) in collaboration with the Department of Climate Change and JNAP Technical Team to establish a Monitoring and Evaluation working group for climate change adaptation. 

  • Conduct training for technical staff at the national, sectoral on the collection, synthesis, aggregation and reporting of data for selected climate change adaptation indicators; 

  • Strengthen the existing Climate Change M & E system for integrating adaptation indicators into planning, designing and execution of programs, projects and activities at all levels; 

  • Provide effective result-based monitoring of program and project outputs, based on approved GCF NAP indicators; 

  • Liaise with the relevant ministries to ensure that the GCF NAP results reporting system is taken into account throughout the project 
implementation cycle; 

  • Support the GCF NAP focal points in line ministries to conduct an annual evaluation of GCF NAP project performance;
  • Assist in consolidating and updating the GCF NAP results frameworks; 

  • Collaborate with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry in development of food security concept note and/or project proposal;
  • Assist in monitoring of food security projects or activities of the Department of Climate Change;
  • Develop guidelines to enhance institutional awareness and coordination on GCF NAP results framework; and 

  • Disseminate lessons learned, best practices, tools, and methods on MEL process captured from GCF NAP project.

Qualifications and Skills

  • University Degree- Bachelor Degree in Arts, Science, environmental science, climate change or related field with some working experience desired but not essential in the area of climate change and/or related fields;
  • Good knowledge of Tonga National Communication, Tonga-Nationally Determined Contributions, Greenhouse Gas inventory, vulnerability and adaptation as well as mitigation issues;
  • Good knowledge and UNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol, Paris Agreement and the Green Climate Fund;
  • Experience in Government and in interdepartmental processes and procedures;
  • Fluency in both English and Tonga and proficiency in written and oral communication;
  • Computer literate;
  • Team work, strong time-management, organizational and inter-personal skills;
  • Excellent skills for presenting technical and scientific reports in meetings, trainings and workshops;
  • Tonga citizenship.

Salary: Salary Range is TOP$19,490 – TOP$29,230, in accordance with Tonga Government Civil Service Salary scale/Band L.
Duration: 8 months