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6272 Fexco Western Union Vacancy 13 Sept - 4 Oct 2021


We are looking for a highly motivated, energetic and execution-focused individual experienced in the Human Resources function. You will have a track record of managing, or assisting in a significant role in the management of, a HR system which facilitates improved Team performance. A secondary responsibility will be to provide administrative support to the CEO. Consistently driving for excellence will be critical if you are to succeed.

Remuneration is offered at between T$35,000 to T$45,000 per annum with additional benefits as per company standard employment terms & conditions.

To apply or to request a detailed Job Description and a copy of the company’s standard employment terms & conditions; please email:

fexco [dot] recruitment [dot] sep [dot] 2021 [at] gmail [dot] com       

Applications including CVs, addressed to the CEO, Fexco (Tonga) Ltd must be received at the above email address by 1pm Monday, 4th October.