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5970 MoI Fanga'uta Bridge 16April-17May2021


Kingdom of Tonga

Invitation for Prequalification
Civil Works for Fanga’uta Lagoon Crossing Bridge and its Approach Road
Fanga‘uta Lagoon Crossing Project
Ministry of Infrastructure


16 April 2021

Loan/Grant No. and Title:

53045-002 TON: Fanga’uta Lagoon Crossing Project

Contract No and Title:

Civil Works for Fanga’uta Lagoon Crossing Bridge and its Approach Road

Deadline for Submission of Application:

11 June 2021, 18:00 hours, Tonga Time

  1. The Government of Tonga has applied for financing from the ADB toward the cost for the proposed Fanga’uta Lagoon Crossing Project. Part of this financing will be used for payments under the Contract named above. The eligibility rules and procedures of ADB will govern the prequalification and the bidding process.
  1. The Ministry of Infrastructure of the Government of Tonga (the “Employer”) intends to prequalify firms for: Civil Works for Fanga’uta Lagoon Crossing Bridge and its Approach Road. The scope of works include a 2-lane new bridge across the Fanga’uta Lagoon in Nuku’alofa, consisting of an approximately 720m long bridge and 4.9 kilometers of its approach roads from Nuku’alofa to southern Tongatapu with three years construction period plus one year for defects notification period.
  1. It is expected that the Invitation for Bids will be made in September 2021 through the e-tender Portal
  1. To obtain further information and to register for the Prequalification, prior to downloading the Prequalification Document, interested eligible Applicants should contact: Ms. Ana Bing Fonua, Project Management Unit (PMU), Ministry of Infrastructure, Nuku’alofa, Tonga at the email address anabingfonua [at] gmail [dot] com and copy Mr. T. Masui, masui-t [at] chodai [dot] co [dot] jp and Mr. Fisilau Leone, fisilauleone71 [at] gmail [dot] com . Upon registration with Tenderlink e-tender portal, the Prequalification Documents will be available from
  1. A Pre-Application meeting will be held by videoconference on 3 May 2021, 13:00 hours, Tonga Time.
  1. The deadline for submission of Applications is 11 June 2021, 18:00 hours, Tonga Time. Applications will only be accepted electronically. Applications shall be uploaded by Applicants on Tenderlink Portal at
  1. The Employer will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by Applicants in connection with the preparation or delivery of their Applications.
  1. The Employer will notify all Applicants in writing of the names of those Applicants who have been prequalified.