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5933 Min Fisheries Vacancies 26 Mar - 21 Apr 2021

Ministry of Fisheries 

Vacant Positions

1. Deputy Secretary
2. Two Fisheries Officers
3. Fisheries Assistant
4. Fisheries Trainee

The Ministry of Fisheries wishes to advertise the following vacancies available for interested candidates within and outside the Government services.

Post Title:





Deputy Secretary

Corporate Service Division


$37,800 - $56,700

  • PHD with at least one-year relevant working experience
  • Master’s Degree with at least 3 years’ experience in a similar role OR at least 5 years relevant working experience
  • Post Graduate Diploma with at least 4 years’ experience in a similar role or at least 6 years relevant working experience
  • Bachelor’s degree with at least 7 years’ experience in a similar role or at least 10 years relevant working experience

Qualifications acceptable for this role must be in Economics, Human Resource Management, Public Administration Management, Accounting, Fisheries, or Business Administration, from a recognized educational institution.

2 x Fisheries Officers

(1 x giant clam, 1x pearl)

Fisheries Science Division

(Aquaculture Section)


$19,490 - $29,230

  • Bachelor’s degree with no working experience
  • Diploma Certificate with at least 2 years’ experience in a similar role or at least 3 years relevant working experience

Qualifications acceptable for this role must be in Fisheries, Marine Science, Aquaculture, Biology, Environmental Sciences, Maritime Affaires, Marine Affairs, Marine Conservation, Economics, Marketing, Fisheries Policy, Management Compliance, or Fisheries Economics from a recognised educational institution.

Fisheries Assistant

Fisheries Science Division



$7,560 -$11,340

  • Form 6 PSSC or equivalent of Certificate level 2
  • Current TPS employee with 5 years’ experience in a similar role (meeting other core competency and experience requirements specified in the job description + PMS scores of 3 or above for the past 2 consecutive years)

Fisheries Trainee

Fisheries Science Division

(Aquaculture Section)


$6,720 - $10,080

  • Form 5 TSC or equivalent of Certificate level 1

*exceptions: Cleaners, Caretakers, Groundskeepers, Handymen, Watchmen, Laundry Assistants (basic literacy and numeracy skills will be required in the absence of secondary school)


All applications must be accompanied by a cover letter, curriculum vitae, testimonials, recent police record, certified copies of academic transcripts, certificates and birth certificate.

The job descriptions outlining the duties can be downloaded from the Ministry’s website: or contact the Ministry of Fisheries at telephone number: 7401200 /7401201 or email Ms. Faka’osilea Moala: fakaosilea [dot] moala [at] tongafish [dot] gov [dot] to or leania94 [at] gmail [dot] com during working hours.

Interested public servants are required to submit an endorsement of their respective Chief Executive Officers including all requirements stated above.

All applications are to be addressed to, Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of Fisheries, Sopu, Nuku’alofa. Applications must be in a closed envelope marked "Job Application" and to be received no later than 4:30pm, 21st of April 2021.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.