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5058 5028 Tonga Health Consultant 21 Aug - 23 Sept 2019

“Seeking Consultant/s” for the Development of the Tonga National NCD Strategy 2020-2025

Role and Responsibilities

The role and responsibilities of this position/s is to provide the technical assistance, authorship and leadership required to develop the Tonga National NCD Strategy 2020-2025, including a model for its governance, monitoring and evaluation and implementation. The person/s will work with the Government of Tonga Ministry of Health (Ministry of Health), Tonga Health Promotion Foundation (TongaHealth) and other key stakeholders to develop the NCD Strategy 2020-2025. This is a collaborative project lead by the Ministry of Health and TongaHealth.

This tender is open to individuals or small collaborative teams based in Tonga or the Pacific region. 

It outlines a shared understanding between the Ministry of Health, Tonga Health the National NCD Committee (NNCDC) for the development of the next National Strategy for Prevention and Control Non-Communicable Disease 2020-2025 (NCD Strategy 2020-2025).

This tender is to develop the Tonga National NCD Strategy 2020-2025 (including a monitoring and evaluation framework, a governance framework and 5 year implementation plan), through a collaborative stakeholder engagement process.

  • Logistics
    • The person/s will be provided with a work place/duty station at either Tonga Health or the Ministry of Health, if required. Details to be negotiated on appointment.
  • Payment Schedule
    • To be negotiated on appointment.
  • Resources
    • A summary of the resources available to support the position/s can be found in the Background Briefing document.

Experience and Qualifications

  • Essential
    • Postgraduate qualifications in public health or related discipline
  • Desirable
    • Combined 10+ years working in governance or health policy and programs in Tonga and/or the Pacific region (preferably with a focus on NCDs)
  • In order to apply you must submit:
    • A detailed Project Budget and
    • Draft Project Work Plan

All applications must reach us no later than Monday 23rd September 2019, 9:00am.

For background information for the Development of the National NCD Strategy 2020-2025 or enquiries please contact ofeina [dot] filimoehala [at] tongahealth [dot] org [dot] to or sarah [dot] jones [at] tongahealth [dot] org [dot] to or call telephone (+676) 25-721 during working hours from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Below is the link to the tender document on our website:

Tender Document for the Development of the Tonga National NCD Strategy 2020-2025

Only considered applicants will be contacted for interview.