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5014 PTH Kiosks Space Rental 13 Aug - 13 Sept 2019

Kiosk Spaces for Rent

Customisable kiosk tenancies available in the new PTH SuperStore from December 2nd 2019.

Lease a 3m x 3m kiosk and secure 360-degree visibility for your brand in the new PTH Home Improvement Centre, one of the highest traffic retail properties across Nuku'alofa. Kiosks provide flexibility in terms of retail destinations that best fit your merchandising or service mix. Retail kiosks also allows you to test and adapt your product in new markets with shorter term leases. Pivot quicker, and build momentum.

Whether you’re a government department wanting to build your service to the public, a digital brand looking to build an omnichannel presence or a small business hoping to expand, kiosks are the perfect opportunity to bring attention to your product or service for the right price and low commitment.

Become a dynamic business and open a retail kiosk in our new PTH Home Improvement - express your service or product.

Reach out to discover the possibilities for your business. Kiosks are customised to your branding (similar to below) and happy to consider all requests to ensure a good mix with current tenants.

If this would be of interest to you, please email Lupe Aleamotu'a - lupe [dot] aleamotua [at] pth [dot] to.