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4694 Attorney General's Office Snr Crown Counsel 10-24 Jan 2019



Senior Crown Counsel

This serves to invite interested candidates to apply for the vacant position that is available at the Attorney General's Office.

The vacant position is as follows:·

1. Senior Crown Counsel (Band F)

The job description outlining the duties and requirements for the position is attached herewith for information.

Please note that public service employees who wish to apply must submit their application through their respective Chief Executive Officers.

Only applications that meet the requirements will be considered for the vacant position.

All applications must be accompanied by a CV, three referees and certified copies of transcripts where applicable.

All applications must be addressed to the:

Solicitor General
Attorney General's Office
Government of the Kingdom of Tonga
P.O. Box 85, First Floor, Taumoepeau Building,
Corner of Fatafehi and Salote Roads, Nuku'alofa, Kingdom of Tonga.

All applications are to be received no later than 4.30pm, Thursday, 24 January 2019.


POST:  Senior Crown Counsel (Band F)

RESPONSIBLE TO:  Solicitor General

SUPERVISOR:  Solicitor General


  • Conduct  Criminal Prosecutions
    1. High Profile criminal cases;
    2. Very complex High Crimes;
    3. Very complex assault cases;
    4. Very complex sexual cases;
    5. Very  complex  property cases;
    6. Very complex drug cases;
    7. Very  complex  public  policy cases;
    8. Very complex criminal defamation cases;
    9. Very complex contempt of court cases;
    10. Brief Files for Grades 5 and 6 cases
    11. Junior Counsel  in Grades 5 and 6 cases
  • Conduct Civil Litigation
    1. Very complex constitutional cases;
    2. Very complex judicial review cases;
    3. Very complex civil actions against Government.
  • Conduct Land Litigation
    1. Very complex land disputes relating to Hereditary Estates.
  • Government  Legal Advice
    1. Very complex Constitutional advice;
    2. Very complex statutory interpretation.
  • Drafting
    1. Amending Legislation; Regulations;
    2. Notices, Appointments, Authorizations, Proclamations;
    3. Documents from the Throne/ Cabinet/ Prime Minister/ Ministers;
    4. Contracts; and
    5. International Treaties.
  • Legal Opinions for Grades 5 and 6 work.
  • Appear as Amicus Curiae.
  • Appear as Intervener.
  • Appear in Mediation.
  • Very complex Extraditions.


  1. Propose/ Endorse Crown Offering No Evidence recommendation;
  2. Propose/ Endorse Immunity from prosecution recommendation;
  3. Propose/ Endorse Mediation recommendation;
  4. Propose/ Endorse Adult Diversion recommendation;
  5. Approve Plea Bargaining on Grade 2, 3, and 4 cases;
  6. Approve Indictments on Grades 2, 3, and 4 cases;
  7. Approve pleadings in civil and land cases for Grade 4 cases;
  8. Conduct Jury trials;
  9. Conduct Court of Appeal appearances;
  10. Sign off Cabinet Submissions (with consultations with Grade 6).


  1. Must have a Bachelor of Laws Degree from a recognized common law tertiary institution with at least 7 years work experience post admission to the legal bar; OR
  2. Master of Laws Degree from a recognized common law tertiary institution with at least 5 years work experience post admission to the legal bar;
  3. Experience in criminal  prosecutions, civil cases and land cases;
  4. Conducted jury trials;
  5. Experience in drafting legal documents;
  6. Understanding of Tongan legal system and practice;
  7. Understanding of Government system, procedures and practice;
  8. Excellent computer skills;
  9. Experience in public speaking;
  10. Fluent in Tongan and English;
  11. Performs under pressure;
  12. Dedicated;
  13. Innovative;
  14. Organised;
  15. Time Management skills.