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4331 MEIDECC EOI Consultant 12 - 16 March 2018


Request for Expressions of Interest

Consulting Services - Firm Selection

(REOI 002/2018)


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E-Government Support Project

IDA V081

E-Government Consultancy Firm


The Government of Tonga has received financing from the World Bank for a Project Preparation Advance (PPA) and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consulting services.

The objectives of the proposed Project, to be co-financed by the Asian Development Bank, are to improve the Government’s information & communication technology infrastructure or digital platforms, and build the Government’s capacity for digital public service delivery. The Project will be designed and implemented by the Ministry for Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change, and Communications (MEIDECC).

The Project will include the following components:

  • Enabling/Governance environment (policies, legislation, masterplan and implementation roadmap);
  • Digital Platform and Government Portal (back and front end Government ICT architecture;
  • Population Registry and ID; and
  • Project management.

ADB will directly support a component to develop priority applications.

Objective of the Assignment

The objective of the assignment is to assist MEIDECC in developing functional and technical design specifications for the proposed Government digital platform (back end) and Government portal (front end). The Government has already taken a decision to adopt an integrated/ whole of government approach to information systems management, and has purchased a private cloud solution and data centre.

This assignment takes into account these decisions/developments and will therefore also require a review of legacy Government systems and integration/migration issues to determine how to transition from existing systems.

The assignment will also be carried out in close consultation with the e-government specialist assisting the government with the proposed new master plan.

Scope of Work (tasks)

The scope of work includes but is not limited to the following tasks: 

Work Package 01:  Migration of Information Systems in Federated Data Centre environment to New Government Consolidated Private Cloud Data Centre.  

In conjunction with MEIDECC and other ministry technical staff, the consultant will;

  1. Design the questionnaires for the assessment of facilities, hardware and information systems resident in data centres which are to be migrated and consolidated within the new Government private cloud data centre. 
  2. Design a guidebook and supporting checklists setting out the methodology to be applied in the carrying out of the technical audit of facilities, hardware and information systems resident in the current federated data centre environment.
  3. Provide training to MEIDECC and other ICT staff on the technical audit process and project manage the data collection process ensuring that this is of the highest quality and is completed within the project timeframe.
  4. Review and assess the research data and present a report taking into account matters that are important to the migration of the information systems onto the new Government private cloud data centre – including but not limited to application life cycle, architecture, data, security, integration, risk, etc.
  5. On the basis of (5) above design a strategy for the phasing out of the current federated data centre environment and the migration of information systems onto the new Government private cloud data centre.  The strategy is to be risk based, cost effective, and planned to be achieved within the shortest time possible so that the ROI of the new data centre is secured at the earliest.
  6. Recommend roles and responsibilities for a Migration Implementation Team and assist MIDECC in the setting up of this team, in identifying training needs and, where possible, carrying out such training.
  7. Identify an information system for a pilot migration onto the new Government private cloud data centre.
  8. Subject to lessons learnt from (7) above, amend the implementation plan and project manage the migration process.
  9. Organise into a database all information collected during the carrying out of technical audit;

Work Package 02:  Government Backbone Network

In conjunction with MEIDECC the consultant will review, present design options with regard to the Government backbone network (including build or buy options, taking into account contractual commitments by Government to lease capacity/purchase capacity from Tonga Communications Corporation-TCC)

Work Package 03:  Cyber Security, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

In conjunction with MEIDECC the consultant will:

  1. Review current state of play with regard to disaster recovery and business continuity, assess options under consideration, and present a way forward taking into account lifecycle costs, risks, etc.
  2. Review cyber security framework currently in place and present recommendations on a way forward.

Work Package 04:  Enterprise Architecture

In conjunction with MEIDECC the consultant will:

  1. Identify the most appropriate Enterprise Architecture model for the Government of Tonga.
  2. Calibrate the identified Enterprise Architecture model to reflect the needs of the Government of Tonga.
  3. Establish an organisation structure for the management of the Enterprise Architecture and assist MEIDECC in establishing this structure.
  4. Identify training required for optimal management of the Enterprise Architecture and develop a training needs and development programme.

Work Package 05:  Service Management

In conjunction with MEIDECC the consultant will:

  1. Identify the appropriate tools for the setting up of the new service management function.
  2. Manage the implementation of the selected tools within the new service management function.
  3. Will draw up the appropriate service management policies and guidelines.
  4. Will ensure that the service management function is ITIL certified.

Work Package 06:  Government Portal design  

In conjunction with MEIDECC the consultant will:

  1. Priority applications (G2C, G2B)-in consultation with the e-government specialist preparing the master plan and roadmap
  2. Methodology/prioritization
  3. Data management and coordination
  4. Preparation of functional and technical design specifications and bidding documents.

Deliverables, Timing and Duration of Assignment

The following are the deliverables:

Work packages 1 to 6

  • Inception report, work plan and methodology, including consultation plan

Work Package 1

  • Questionnaires
  • Guidebook and supporting checklists
  • Carrying out of training
  • Assessment report
  • Strategy for phasing out of data centres and migration of information systems to new Government consolidated private cloud data centre
  • Roles and responsibilities for Migration Implementation Team
  • Project Management of Pilot
  • Project Management of migration

Work Package 2

  • Report with cost benefit assessment

Work Package 3

  • Report on business continuity and disaster recovery with cost benefit assessment
  • Report on review of security framework

Work Package 4

  • Identification and calibration of EA model
  • Organisation framework for the management of EA
  • Identification of training needs and training plan

Work Package 5

  • Identify and implement service management tools
  • Draw up service management policies and guidelines
  • Secure ITIL certification for the new service management function

Work Package 6

  • Identify e-government priority applications
  • Drawn up functional and technical design applications prepared for tender issuance

Work packages 1 to 6

  • Other training material as appropriate
  1. Final technical specifications/inputs to bidding documents
  2. Other presentations and training materials, as required by MEIDECC

Timing and Duration of assignment: The assignment is expected to commence in June/July 2018. The overall assignment is expected to require about 250 days. Remuneration will be based on a lump sum assignment, linked to a final agreed list of deliverables). A minimum of four visits to Tonga will be required, with a minimum duration of one week, preferably two.

Confidentiality: The Consultant shall keep all information provided by the client in confidence. The Consultant shall only use the confidential information in connection with the performance of the project and for no other purposes. This provision will be incorporated into the consultant’s contract.

Reporting: The consultant shall report directly to the Director for E-Government in MEIDECC.

Consultant qualifications and experience: The following minimum qualifications are required and will be used to evaluate candidates. 

The consultants will propose a team that will include the following specializations:

  • Enterprise architecture/process modelling specialist
  • Cybersecurity specialist
  • Infrastructure/networking specialist
  • Cloud computing/Migration specialist

Overall qualifications and experience

  • Master’s degree in information and communication technologies or an equivalent combination of academic qualifications and experience;
  • ICT specialists, of high international repute with relevant international transactional and project experience (minimum 10 years) in the business and ICT sector, particularly in developing countries; 
  • Good understanding of Government information Systems, user needs analysis and preferably with a project management qualification;
  • Desirable previous experience leading a public sector reform/e-Government reform program, preferably in a developing country;
  • Demonstrated experience with practical application of leading digital technologies, in particular related to cloud, data management;
  • Excellent understanding of ITSM support frameworks e.g.  ITIL, ISO 20000 ITSM, CoBIT, Prince 2, Microsoft Operational Framework and other related standards, e.g. AS 8015 –Australian Standard for Governance of IT, ASL –Application Services Library, BiSL–Business Information Services Library, ISO 9000 –Standard on Total Quality Management, ITS-CMMIT Service Capability Maturity Model, Six Sigma –Model or Quality Management, TickIT–Quality Management for IT, TQM –Total Quality Management
  • Knowledge and experience of ICT sector issues in the South Pacific region and/or other small island economies is highly desirable.

Administrative Arrangements

The consultant will be engaged by MEIDECC.  Payment will be made by MEIDECC after its confirmation that the required milestones and works are complete.  Travel, accommodation and expenses arrangements will be negotiated with the Ministry but the standards and procedures of the World Bank will be used as a benchmark.  Travel, accommodation and expenses will only be paid for working stays in Tonga.

This procurement process will be conducted in accordance with the World Bank Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers, July 2016 (“Borrower Regulations”)

A Consultant will be selected in accordance with the method set out in the Borrower Regulation for Selection of Individual Consultants.

Further information regarding this consultancy services can be obtained by contacting:

Mr. Paula P Maú
Chief Executive Officer,
Ministry for Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change, and Communications (MEIDECC)
1st Floor,O.G.Sanft & Sons Building,
Western Corner of Taufa'ahau Road and Wellington Road,
P.O. Box 1380, Nuku'alofa,

The full advertisement is also available on UNDB website that can be accessed by clicking this link;

Expressions of interest should be received on or before March 16th, 2018 via email to paulm [at] mic [dot] gov [dot] to.