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Large electricity tariff reduction from July 1

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Electricity Tariff Reduction effective 1st July 2020
$0.6102 per kilowatt-hour

Diesel prices continue to drop from $1.5091 per litre in March 2020 to $1.0419 per litre in June 2020 (an accumulated reduction of $0.47 per litre or 32% reduction in total)1,

The accumulated price reduction from 15 March 2020 to 15 June is driven mainly by the ongoing and current economic impact of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, the new published rate for electricity will be reduced by a total of $0.1198 per kWh (16.4% reduction) per kWh to $0.6102 per kWh from the current tariff of $0.7300 per kWh set back on 1 April 2020.

The new price will last for 3 months unless otherwise reviewed. This is the lowest electricity price in 14 years.

The tariff set back in April 2020 $0.7300 per kWh, Government of Tonga (Shareholder) subsidised $0.08 kWh Lifeline Tariff (known as Government Policy Obligation or GPO), to all residential customers consuming 100 or less kWh of electricity per month.

The new electricity tariff of $0.6102 per kWh was approved by the Electricity Commission to be effective from 1st July 2020.

Since the new electricity price is less than $0.65 per kWh, there is no Lifeline-Tariff GPO effective from 1 July 2020.

The table set out below provide details of the new electricity tariff.

1.  One (1) litre diesel generates around 4.05 kWh of electricity.

The overall Power Generation from Renewable Energy (RE) Sources is only 12% to 14% of our total monthly power generation to which its impact on our prices is included on this tariff calculation.

The next electricity tariff review will be due by 1st October 2020.



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Holo e totongi ‘uhila kamata me he 'aho 1 Siulai 2020 $0.6102 ki houa-Kilouati

26 Sune 2020: Óku kei hokohoko ai pe áe holo óe mahuínga óe lolo mei he $1.5091 ki he lita í Maási 2020 ki he $1.0419 ki he lita í Sune 2020 (fakakatoa ‘ae holo ‘a e totongi ‘oe lolo ko e seniti ‘e 0.47 ki he lita pe koe peseti é 32%)2.

Koe fakakatoa óe holo mei he áho 15 Maási ki he 15 Sune óku tefito ia mei he kei hokohoko atu ‘ae useia faka ékonomika faka mamani lahi mei he COVID-19.

‘Oku holo áki ‘ae totongi ‘uhila fo’ou áe seniti é $0.1198 faka katoa (holo peseti é 16.4%) ki he $0.6102 houa kilo uati (kWh) mei he totongi ‘uhila lolotonga koe $0.7300 ki he ‘iuniti na’e ngaue’aki mai mei ‘Epeleli 2020. Koe totongi ‘uhila fo‘ou ko eni koe $0.6102 ki he ‘iuniti ‘e ngaue‘aki ia ‘i he mahina ‘e 3 tuku kehe ka toe vakai‘i.

Koe totongi ‘uhila ma‘ama‘a taha eni kuo tau ‘usia mei he ta‘u ‘e 14 kuohilii.

Koe totongi ‘uhila $0.7300 ki he ‘iuniti na’e ngaue’aki mai mei ‘Epeleli 2020, moe tokoni ‘ae Pule’anga ‘o totongi ‘ae $0.08 ki he ‘iuniti ‘ae kau ma’u ‘uhila taautaha ‘oku ngaue’aki ‘ae iuniti ‘e 100 pe ma’ulalo ange ‘i he mahina

Koe totongi ‘uhila fo’ou koe seniti $0.6102 ki he ‘iuniti, na’e tali ‘e he Pule Fakafuofuoa totongi ‘uhila – Koe Komisoni ‘Uhila ke kamata ngaueáki mei he áho 1 Siulai 2020.

Ko e ‘uhi ‘oku ma’ulalo ange ‘ae mahu’iga ‘oe totongi ‘uhila fo’ou ‘i he seniti ‘e $0.65 ki he ‘iuniti, ‘e ikai leva ke toe ‘iai ha tokoni Lifeline GPO ‘ae Pule’anga ‘o kamata mei he ‘aho 1 Siulai 2020.

2. Koe lita ‘e 1 Tisolo ‘oku lava ngaahi mai ai ‘ae ‘uhila kilouati ‘e 4.05.

Koe ‘uhila fakakatoa ‘oku tufaki mei he ma’u’anga ivi fakafo’ou ‘oku peseti pe ‘e 12% ki he 14% ‘oe ‘uhila fakakatoa ‘oku ngaohi mo tufaki faka mahina pea ‘oku fakakau mo ia ‘i hono fika‘i ‘oe totongi ‘uhila.

‘E toe vakai‘i hoko ‘ae ‘oe totongi ‘uhila ‘ihe ‘aho 21 ‘Okatopa 2020.

Faka‘apa‘apa atu
Kautaha ‘Uhila ‘a Tonga

Notice issued by Tonga Power Limited on 26 June 2020

SP#5544 202006290729