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Deepen co-operation to build a Community of Common Future in cyberspace

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a video speech at the opening ceremony of the Third World Internet Conference. Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, China. November 2016.

by Huang Huaguang, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the Kingdom of Tonga

The Third World Internet Conference themed “Innovation-driven Internet Development for the Benefit of All-Building a Community of Common Future in Cyberspace” was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province of China from November 11 to 18, 2016.

Over 1600 distinguished guests including state leaders, government officials, high-level representatives of the major  internet companies in the world, professionals from more than 110 countries and regions gathered together to look into the future of the development of Internet and discuss the plan for Internet governance. 2016 Wuzhen Report on World Internet Development was deliberated and adopted.

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a video speech at the opening ceremony of the conference. In his speech, President Xi reiterated the “four principles”(i.e. respect for cyber sovereignty, maintenance of peace and security, promotion of openness and cooperation, cultivation of good order) and “five proposals”(i.e. speed up the development of global internet infrastructure and promote inter-connectivity, build an online platform for cultural exchange and mutual learning, promote innovative development of cyber economy for common prosperity, safeguard cyber security for orderly development, build an Internet governance system to promote fairness and justice) on the global internet governance he put forth during the last conference.

President Xi emphasized that to make good use, have good development and good governance of internet, it is imperative to deepen the international cooperation and jointly build a community of common future in cyberspace. He expressed China’s willingness to work together with the international community, upholding cyber sovereignty, promote more fair and equitable global internet governance, and bring about an open, inclusive and secure cyberspace that features equality, mutual respect, innovation and orderly development.This speech fully demonstrates China’s deep insight of the trend of development of the internet and reflects the common wishes of the international community especially of the developing countries.

It was only less than 50 years ago when internet was created. But its extensive application has brought earth-shaking changes to the human society. It is the most dynamic and potential field in current times. Internet plus, online-shopping, web of things, smart manufacture has been affecting all the aspects of human life. At the same time, the unbalanced development, incomplete rules, unreasonable order in the field of internet have become more and more prominent. The information gap has become larger. Cyber crime, cyber attack, and cyber terrorism have become common hazard faced by the international community.

The internet has turned the world into an earth village and make countries in the world an intertwined community of common future. In the face of these problems and challenges, the international community should deepen cooperation, enhance consultation and make joint efforts to form a community of common future in cyberspace. We should uphold the basic principle of cyber sovereignty and work together to push for the making of international rules and regulations in cyber technology, security and other fields, promote innovation and popularization of internet technology, expand exchanges of culture by internet, tackle the cyber security threats and share the common opportunities and fruits brought by the internet. We should build well this common home, make it carry human’s dream in a better way and bring more benefits to the people in the world.

At the invitation of China, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Tonga Honorable Sovaleni attended this Wuzhen Summit again and made a speech on behalf of the small developing island countries as one of the guests of honor. Hon. Sovaleni applauded China for hosting this world internet conference and the achievements the conference has made. He expressed concern over the cyber security and privacy. He emphasized that the accessibility of the internet and ICT technology should be increased so that it will benefit all. All countries should not only promote economic growth by using the cyber technology, but also pay attention to the appeal of the small developing island countries including Tonga and help them address challenges they face. Meanwhile, people-to-people and cultural exchanges among countries should be strengthened through the application of the cyber technology. On the margins of the conference, Hon. Sovaleni also had bilateral meetings with Honorable Xu Lin, Minister of Cyber Administration and Honorable Libin, Minister of Health and Family planning of China. They had in-depth exchanges regarding cooperation in relevant fields between China and Tonga and reached consensus.

Tonga is a developing country in the Pacific region. It has great demand and potential of development for internet and has already made positive progress in the development of internet and ICT. China and Tonga have shared interests in the development of internet, improving internet governance systems and forming a peaceful and safe cyberspace and other related issues. China is willing to provide assistance in personnel training, technology and other aspects to Tonga and stands ready to work with Tonga and the international community in pushing for the development and promotion of cyber technology, jointly meeting the challenges of cyber security and contributing wisdom and strength to creating a safe, stable and prosperous cyberspace.

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