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Results for TDS

Tonga’s 7th contingent to Afghanistan left Tonga for the United Kingdom today, September 6, to undergo pre-deployment training for two-months.
Friday 6 September 2013
Tonga’s sixth contingent for Afghanistan left Tonga for the United Kingdom on Thursday, February 28.
Friday 1 March 2013
Enough visits from U.S. Government officials to thank Tonga for her unselfish contribution to the wars in the Middle East (Chairman US Joint Chiefs … 10 Nov 2010). Admiral Michael Mullen should see the need to buildup the Tongan Defense Services for future services, and Tonga will always be a friend to the People of America, and England. - Sione Akemeihakau Mokofisi.
Friday 12 November 2010
Thank you China. But for Tonga and the Tonga Defense Services, please do not celebrate your promised aircraft until you do your homework. TDS must first analyze two major costs. - Mafi ‘o Amerika Samoa
Monday 1 December 2008