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A prisoner told the jury-trial for the civilian accused Semisi Kalisitiane Manu in the death of Kali Fungavaka, he saw Manu punch the victim inside cell 7 causing him to fall banging his head hard on the floor. While, another prisoner alleged to have witnessed beforehand the police beating up Kali “like treating an animal”.
Friday 23 May 2014
The first sitting of Tonga’s Court of Appeal which ended on Wednesday, April 9, in Nuku’alofa delivered judgments, that included reducing a 16-years sentence imposed on a man who sharpened his knife and stabbed his sleeping wife 23 times. The court replaced it with 10-years imprisonment with the final two-years suspended.
Monday 14 April 2014 - 1 comment
A husband who was convicted of manslaughter after stabbing his wife more then 20 times is among 15 appeal cases to be heard in Tonga’s Court of Appeal 2014 Session next Monday, 31 March.
Thursday 27 March 2014