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4240 MCCTIL 5 Vacancies 18 Dec 2017 - 8 Jan 2018

Ministry of Commerce, Consumer, Trade, Innovation and Labour


The Ministry of Commerce, Consumer, Trade, Innovation and Labour is seeking suitable candidates to apply for the following position:

Position / Designation


Salary Band

Required minimum qualification and work experience

Salary Scale/Range

1. Principal Policy Analyst

Policy Division


Must have a Bachelor’s degree in at least one (1) of the following areas from a recognized University; Public Administration, Human Resource Management and Business Administration. At least 5 years working experience at a senior level in the Government, with direct relevance at a senior level in the government, with direct relevant experience to HR and knowledgeable of PSC Policy, Extensive experience in HR management.

Desirable: A postgraduate degree in a relevant degree will be an advantage and must have at least 3 years of work in senior level for post graduate degree holder.

$30,240 - $45,360

2. Senior Assistant Secretary

Policy Division


Must have a Bachelor’s degree or higher qualification in Economics, Business Administration, Management, Human Resource Management, or related field from a recognized institution with at least 3 years of relevant working experience.

$23,520 - $35,280

3. Assistant Secretary

Policy Division


Must have a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations, Pubic Policy, Economics, Public Administration, Management or relevant field from a recognized university

Desirable: Some working experience in a related field is desirable

$19,490 – 29,230

4. Investment Officer

Business Development & Investment Support Division


Must have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Economics, Business Administration or related field from recognized University with at least three (3) years of work experience in the field of Trade, Investment, Promotion and Marketing or related field.

$19,490 – 29,230

5. Trade Officer (Trade Division)

Trade Division


Must have a Bachelor’s degree in International Trade, Marketing, and Economics from a recognized University.

Desirable: A post graduate degree in any of the above related fields would be an advantage.

$19,490 – 29,230


Job descriptions outlining responsibilities and other requirements such as essential skills are available upon request to the Ministry’s Corporate Services Division.  Please contact Fielea Schaumkel at email:  fieleah [at] mcctil [dot] gov [dot] to or Mele Vunipola at melev [at] mcctil [dot] gov [dot] to or by contacting telephone 23 688. Civil servants who wish to apply may do so and submit your applications through their respective CEOs. Only applications that meet the requirements will be considered. 

All applications must include an application letter, Curriculum Vitae and copies of relevant qualification transcripts and certificates.  If necessary, the Ministry may request additional support documents such as reference and police record, and may also request for copies of documents to be certified.

Applications must be addressed to, and received by the Acting CEO/Ministry Commerce, Consumer, Tradae, Innovation & Labour, ‘Api-ko-Latai, Fasi-moe-Afi, Nuku’alofa, no later than 4.30pm Monday, 8 January 2018.  Electronic applications is acceptable and must be sent to ceopa [at] mcctil [dot] gov [dot] to